Open Floor Plan Living Room for Stylistic Modern Home

One special feature in Asian modern home with open floor plan living room is their brave usage of colors. This modern crib from Taiwan displays such feature. Though the house plan is not of a very spacious kind, white interior color is used to open up the small space. This effect is further magnified by the implementation of open floor plan. However, despite of this, the home does not forget to add features that would stop the flow of space and provide dimensional lines into the interior. This is where the dark colors come in.

Living Space Used Modern Wooden Cabinet Furniture Ideas

This crib has an L-shape design which is divided into two living areas. One of the living areas is designated especially for the social rooms, which of course comprised of the open floor plan living room or lounge, kitchen, and dining room. The second area of the modern home design is designated for the house’s private areas; which is the bedrooms and bathrooms.

The social area of this house is designed to have a modern feature. Due to the compact floor space, a bigger magnitude of space needs to be implemented. This is done through the building of an open floor plan which will connect the living room, kitchen, and dining hall together. Not only that, the building of an open floor plan will also allow a freedom in air circulation and ventilation which is received from the floor to ceiling windows at the left end of the living room.

The private space of this house has its opening from the bookshelves that backs the living room. Walled in only by a glass, the bedroom is very transparent. Privacy is not a given choice except through the application of curtains. Besides the open floor plan living room, in this bedroom which is situated quite closely to the modern kitchen design, the bathroom is located right beside the bed and is separated only by a small wall fence.

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