Glass Window Installation for Minimalist Black and White Interior

It is a marvelous brainchild of Ian Moore Architects in enlivening the black and white interior beneath this rough brick wall exterior with glass window installation. Starkly angular form architecture design of this building welcomes warmly every guest who wants to experience brilliant interior in minimalist. Formerly this house is a grocery warehouse that is converted into an artist’s studio. It seems that the time has rapidly changed when the eyes get the first strike of a black and white fixture in minimalism.

Interior with Minimalist Modern Furniture Decoration

Interior with Minimalist Modern Furniture Decoration

The black bookshelf is like floating in the white air. The smooth fur of the black parchment absorbs the abundant brightness into the best dark animal skin quality. A black stylish chair almost camouflages beneath the darkness of the floor decoration. A small round table incorporates to provide a landing for a book or two before being read. Door frame aligns with the regular form of rectangular structure feature. Messy colors of the book covers release the ice breaking scene upon the black and white interior design with the glass window installation which has dual color monotony.

Clean and sleek modern kitchen gives more freedom to the chef. The practical movement may grant the cooker a joyful hour when preparing the meal. Steel countertop and cabinetry are suitable to meet the practicality. Dyed in completely black hue, the staircase only leads into the back or forward direction. With a single side handrail, the step is always in the lineup or down.

Simple bedroom interior simply invites the sleepy eyes to grab the luxury in effortless nuance. The lounge is still in the same practical tone of the strict lining of dual contrast color. Stark stalks of the wall lamps accord the sense of minimalism. Let the natural sun radiance pouring through the glass window, the airy ambiance automatically is on embracing this living room. This dwelling has flawless black and white interior design trend within modest luxury touch of glass window installation for the larger interior style.

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