White Big Leather Sofa for Amazing Contemporary Living Space

It is kind of awkward when you first hear the name of this amazing contemporary living space design with a big white leather sofa. It is called the Evil House. This outstanding modern-style living space is created by Studio Pacific Architecture. It is located in Tasman Bay, New Zealand, and this lovely home design has been completed back in 2009. This great ground home design is located in a very beautiful area. That is the reason why you will be able to see a great synergy between the modern minimalist architectural designs that are used in this home and nature. This kind of synergy is actually the design character of this house.

Contemporary Living Space - Green Grass and Cozy Patio using Wooden Pergola and Wooden Wall

Green Grass and Cozy Patio using Wooden Pergola and Wooden Wall

The first thing about this amazing contemporary living space design with the big white leather sofa, which is worth discussing, is the material selection. There are only two major materials that you can find in this house, wooden and glass material. Well, of course, there are still so many beautiful things that contribute so many impacts to this incredible home design creation, but in the context of, material selection, wooden and glass are indeed the type of materials that you can easily find in this house.

Meanwhile, the interior design of this perfect home design is decorated to give the person who lives in this house calmness and comfort. That is the reason why there are so many Zen-like items in this house. The living room design, for instance, is dominated by two types of styles, modern and ethnic. You will find a nice small Buddha sculpture in it. The cushion is also an important part of this space design; it makes the big white sofa more colorful.

This gorgeous home design uses a modern open space setting. There are so many open spaces that you will find in this house and amazingly from almost all of the house parts, you will still be able to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. The amazing contemporary living space design with the white big leather sofa like this one is something that was specially created to give an amazing life experience, indeed.

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According to Smith, a modern lighting fixture works especially well in a contemporary living room when grounded in the space through soft fabrics and light colors. This white-on-white space allows the lighting fixture to make a statement while not feeling out of place. In addition, the black-and-white marble fireplace elevates the entire room.

Contemporary living room designs are easy to implement and easy to make look good in practically any physical space. The main appeal of the contemporary living room is that it’s easy to populate with appliances like TVs without making anything seem out of place. Newness Is Smoothness

Packed full of gorgeous, well-photographed images, Contemporary Living Space highlights the best of international living spaces from luxury homes to the less-often featured but very important variety of well-designed apartment spaces. Sleek and ultra-modern, these spaces are light, and airy, and utilize elements like recycled wood and eco-friendly lighting. Both aesthetically appealing and smart, the spaces featured are the result of the designers’ well-thought-out choices for everything from window framing to sink fixtures to heating methods to furniture elements. Floor plans included.

On a more contemporary approach, build a space for your fireplace as well as the chimney. It can be an integral part of your space as central heating for the living room. But if you want to experiment a bit. A portable, Victorian-style fireplace can bring a new antique flair to your living room. 11. Playful and Spacious Contemporary Living Room Ideas

Interior design includes a modern fireplace with 24″x24″ Calcutta marble tile face, 18 karat vase with a tree, black and white geometric prints, modern Gus white Delano armchairs, natural walnut hardwood floors, medium brown wall color, ET2 Lighting linear pendant fixture over dining table with teardrop glass, acrylic coffee table, Carmel shag wool area rug, champagne gold Delta Trinsic faucet, charcoal flat panel …

What does it mean to have a contemporary living room?

If you like contemporary (current) living room designs and want some inspiration, check out these hand-selected 97 contemporary living room ideas. Welcome to our contemporary style living room design photo gallery where you can search for living rooms designed in the contemporary style. Contemporary means “current” in design.

What is living space in the UK?

Living Space UK is London’s leading modern and contemporary furniture supplier. We have three prestigious design showrooms located in Fulham, Islington, and Baker Street. In 1999 Living Space UK opened its doors to supply the finest luxury designer furniture from Italy’s top and most respected brands.

What makes a small but cozy living room?

A small but cozy living room because of its wooden elements. It features custom built-in shelves, a dark wooden, glass-top coffee table over a brown rug, a white sofa, a pair of black lounge chairs, and a huge floor lamp that creates a soft, cozy atmosphere in the room. See more of this home here.

What is a living space partner?

Living Space & Partners services include interior design, architectural planning, and project management for both commercial and residential projects. We undertake projects of all sizes and our expertly trained teams will work with you to ensure that your plans will come to fruition.

A couple of contemporary small living room ideas can include: working with the height you have – installing floor-to-ceiling bookshelves or drawing the eye to the top of the walls with wallpaper; choosing space-saving or storage-incorporating (or both!) furniture, such as corner sofas with storage space under the chaise longue section

Modern style refers to a specific time period in the early 20 century, and contemporary style encompasses the ‘now.’ modern style is represented by a set of style standards (minimalistic décor and a neutral palette) – and modern style can be contemporary if modern is currently popular – contemporary style is whatever happens to be trending, and thus can change definition with the …

With the creative imagination of designer Marta Gourd, this contemporary living space was designed for a young family, located in the village of Krotoszyn, Lviv region, Ukraine. The project expresses individuality in minimalist tones. Comprised of 1,837 square feet (170 square meters) of living space, the designer’s main goal was to create a neutral interior, while at the same time creating a distinct …

Living Space UK. Living Space UK is London’s leading modern and contemporary furniture supplier. We have three prestigious design showrooms located in Fulham, Islington, and Baker Street. In 1999 Living Space UK opened its doors to supply the finest luxury designer furniture from Italy’s top and most respected brands.

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