White Big Leather Sofa for Amazing Contemporary Living Space

It is a kind of awkward when you firstly hear the name of this amazing contemporary living space design with white big leather sofa. It called the Evil House. This outstanding modern style living space is created by Studio Pacific Architecture. It is located in Tasman Bay, New Zealand, and this lovely home design has been completed back in 2009. This great ground home design is located in a very beautiful area. That is the reason why you will able to see a great synergy between the modern minimalist architectural designs that use in this home and nature. This kind of synergy is the actually the design character of this house.

Green Grass and Cozy Patio using Wooden Pergola and Wooden Wall

Green Grass and Cozy Patio using Wooden Pergola and Wooden Wall

The first thing about this amazing contemporary living space design with the white big leather sofa, which worth to be discussed, is the material selection. There are only two major materials that you can find in this house, wooden and glass material. Well, of course, there are still so many beautiful things that contribute so many impacts in this incredible home design creation, but in the context of, material selection, wooden and glass are indeed the type of material that you can easily find in this house.

Meanwhile, the interior design of this perfect home design is decorated in order to give the person who lives in this house calmness and comfort. That is the reason why there are so many Zen-like items in this house. The living room design, for instance, it is dominated by two type of styles, modern and ethnic. You will find a nice small Buddha sculpture in it. The cushion is also an important part in this space design; it makes the white big sofa become more colorful.

This gorgeous home design uses modern open space setting. There are so many open spaces that you will find in this house and amazingly from almost all of the house part, you will still able to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding. Amazing contemporary living space design with the white big leather sofa like this one is something that specially created to give amazing live experience, indeed.

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