Sculptural Lighting Fixtures for Astounding Visual Effect in Modern Interior

Some different styles of sculptural lighting fixtures are provided by designers to match the lamps with the rooms. One of the brilliant ones is by making round lamps with some different accessories. In fact, the round lamp is good to lighten the larger area. It is in the shape of a lamp that makes the light spread to the whole room. However, it still has the focus right under the lamps. Thus, this is suitable for reading.

One of the sculptural lighting fixtures is Hanko Large. This lamp table is large enough with a diameter of 67cm. With a 12v circular LED, this lamp is enough for reading or for bedroom light. Plywood pieces that are cut neatly and beautifully are the accessories that make the lamp even more elegant and attractive. The steel cables hang strongly on the ceiling. The design of This lamp is more beautiful to be placed in a white clear room. Setting a white table under it is brilliant.

Imatra is the other round lamp found in modern houses. This is elegant with black aluminum as the wall of the lamp. This lamp is also hung by three suspension cables. The shape of the lamp which is almost circling eases the lamp to make focus under it. As a result, the reading area under the lamp is really possible to be designed. This lamp is suitable for almost all room designs. Since the design of the lamp is neutral but elegant. Moreover, the color of the wall lamp is black.

Sculptural Lighting Fixtures - Neon Lamp with Metal Wire Hanger

One more beautiful round lamp design is applied by Lahti. This is simpler and more neutral. Large round table and that is all. There are no accessories covering the lamp. The light of the room is spread to the whole room widely. Thus, this kind of lamp is suitable for the dining room as well as for the bedroom. Saving the lamp by hanging it on the ceiling by three steel cables is important since the size of sculptural lighting fixtures is large enough.

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