Sleek Coffee Table for Funky Eclectic Interior Design

The design of this Den Loft by Nordes can be the inspiration for the trendy eclectic interior in contemporary concept with the sleek coffee table. The eclectic look is formed by the industrious elements and the rustic textures that are arranged together creating the cozy vibe. It can be said that the interior elements are from the recycled materials that are mixed and matched base on the modernistic concept. It can be seen from the design of the entryway. The door is made from the thin wood and the entryway door is in the lighter color.

Unique Table and Red Chairs near the Kitchen

Unique Table and Red Chairs near the Kitchen

The wall accent is structured from the red brick giving the natural accent in this space. Adding the eccentric look, a red barrel is set in the corner of the entryway. After this entryway, a living room presents the sophisticated eclectic concept. The sleek coffee table is surrounded by the sleek modern chair in white color. A sofa in contemporary style is placed together with this sleek table and chair. The yellow cabinet is used as the television shelf. The traditional look is presented by the modern carpet under this living room furniture. This eclectic interior arrangement gives the artistic look with its mix and match concept.

The locker cabinet in gray color is used as the storage in this living room. It can be used to store the books and the other personal belongings. Wooden flooring and the red brick display the rustic texture in this living room interior. The interior ceiling is also made from the wooden elements in rustic texture.

Since this interior is in minimalist concept, the dining room is placed in the same room with the living area. It is furnished with red chairs made from steels materials. The sleek large rectangular table is placed in the middle of these sleek chairs. Contemporary eclectic interior with the sleek coffee table can be the savvy interior design since it is formed from various interior elements in different kinds of styles and materials.

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