DIY Yarn Crafts with Colorful Looks to Make for Home Interior

Various DIY yarn crafts are invented these days. If you guys are interested in trying some, then you should read this article. Why? Because today we will talk about some decorations that we can make by you at home using those flashy yarn. What are they?

Material in Colorful Decoration for Inspiration

Material in Colorful Decoration for Inspiration

First is the yarn wrapped bottle. What you need to do to fulfill the steps of the DIY yarn crafts is to prepare your glass bottles with various sizes, choose your yarns, and get a scissor. This is easy. Step one is to tie the yarn on the bottle’s mouth like what you can see in the picture. Then start to roll the yarn to cover all of the bottle’s surfaces. Do it until all of the bottles is covered, and repeat the steps again on the other bottles. Now you have a fancy vase to keep your flowers fresh and beautiful.

You can make also the unique dining table decorations for the party. What you need to do is to roll the handle of fork and spoon with colorful yarn. Knife is also nice to be decorated. Or if you like to have some hanging decorations on the wall, you can try this. Cut a hard paper into some alphabet, just like what you can see in the images. Then roll the yarns around it. Make sure there is a different color for the different alphabet to make your chic decoration better. After finish, you can stick them on a board and then get them framed before hanging on the beautiful living room.

Another idea to redecorate your living room is to decorate your light shades. Pick a table lamp, and do those previous steps to cover the light shades. You can play with pattern and colors here to make it prettier. And if you have some used hangers, just make them useful. Wrap the hangers and make them beautiful to be hung on your dining room wall. Stick some photographs on it. Now you have a very cute photo frames that no one else has. Aren’t these DIY yarn crafts amazing?

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