Velvet Ottoman Bed for Cheerful Yellow Bedroom Design Ideas

Romantic nuance is not only about red shades, but yellow tones are able as well. For yellow bedroom design ideas with a velvet ottoman bed, the homeowner should pay attention that it has a bright side from the color used itself. In this case, choosing ivory paint for walls and white for ceiling can balance all colors. The patterned curtain is hung to the white window behind bedding area. Yellow item is in the form of warm blanket and pillows to contrast perfectly to white linen bed sheet and fluffy mattress.

Traditional Bedroom with White Chandelier and Master Bed

Traditional Bedroom with White Chandelier and Master Bed

Another romantic idea from yellow color is to use other kinds of muted tones. For example, the white theme used for bedding area is combined with the velvet ottoman bed and brown color of pillows. After that, framed mirror in beautiful stone is hung on both sides of the wall behind the bed as part of yellow walls bedroom decorating ideas. The classic chandelier is hung to ceiling looking incredibly gorgeous with crystal details. White desk lamps on wooden desks look great in creating an elegant design.

As mentioned before, yellow sends out the fun vibe that it can change people’s mood well. Paint bright yellow paint to wall surfaces that contrasted to white moldings both for ceiling and near flooring part. Yellow bed couch is balanced nicely with a light yellow bed cover. Fluffy velvet ottoman in peach tone is placed as additional seating plan at the foot of bed. Soft armchairs and sofas are put next to red fireplace built inside.

White combined with yellow always look great and in vibrant tone. For white bedding, use floral printed bed sheet in mini flower motifs. White flowers in glass vase enhance refreshing sensation inside sleeping place. Meanwhile, to get the best result in decorating with a yellow walls living room, wooden panels attached to the wall are painted in bright yellow tone. Blue drawer placed against it looks gorgeous then together with the velvet ottoman bed, especially with ceramic desk lamps placed above.

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