Set of White Dining Chairs for Comfy Bright Apartment Interior Furnishing

Alexandra Fedorova built a beautiful place to live, complete with bright apartment interior setting with a set of white dining chairs. This instantly can inspire you to redesign or redecorate your dwelling. The main tone that was chosen is white. As we all know, white coloration can create a calmer and wider impressions.  Let’s visit this apartment which is located in Zelengoras, Russia.

Dining Room Used White Furniture in Minimalist Space

Dining Room Used White Furniture in Minimalist Space

Take a look at its catchy living room. A set of white dining chairs stands on the bright floor. As the center of the room are a squared black coffee table and a dark rug under the table. Across the sofa, you can have a black light cabinet and a huge TV to complete your furnishing. Add also another black sofa and window with a curtain to make the bright apartment decor more perfect. What about the furnishing in the other rooms?

This is the merged white dining room and white kitchen. For the dining room first, you will have a white rounded dining table stands together with its four white dining chairs. A vase of flowers is there, put right under a white chandelier. A set of white kitchen cabinetry surrounds the presence of the dining set. Sleek, beautiful, and simple looks cannot be hidden. Completed with brown patterned backsplash, there is no way for you to deny their beauty.

Check out the contemporary bedroom here. A double sized bed with comfortable looks is the center of the room. Beige and Brown are joined to furnish the room. A sunken black wall is used as a headboard, surrounded by the bright patterned wall around. See also the hanging chandelier and window of the room. They present comfort in perfect enlighten system. For the last, you should enter the bathroom too. More than one bathroom exists in this apartment. And you have to check out their beauty. Don’t you think the bright ideas with the set of white dining chairs decorating of this apartment are fascinating to try?

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