Contemporary House Style for a Comfortable Living Space

The great thing of contemporary home style lies on its design exploration possibility. It means that modern home creation is not limited to the certain constraint that boxes a style into certain identification. There is the big possibility for a contemporary house to have a classic style in it because the contemporary style is not about the style itself, it is about the perspective and major design element that involve in a housing creation. As for the actual application of that freedom of creation, you can see this awesome contemporary home design that created by Birds Portchmouth Russum Architects.

Brown Stone Wall and Grey Wooden Wall under Flat Roof

Brown Stone Wall and Grey Wooden Wall under Flat Roof

This awesome contemporary home style located in Hampshire, England and it is called the Downley House. There are so many parts of this amazing contemporary living space that can become a great example of modern housing design freedom in style. Take for example the classy curve entrance. Most of contemporary architectural designs don’t have this kind of design. They always use the box or rectangular shape design for that style. However, as what we have talked about earlier, this oval entrance is actually the sign of the design freedom in contemporary design creation. Besides becoming the symbol of a design freedom, this oval entrance is also an important design element that makes this modern house looks amazing.

The main lesson that you have to take from contemporary housing creation is a freedom of design, which this gorgeous home design has clearly showed to you. The contemporary home style like this one can be such a great alternative design and an example of design freedom existence in modern design era.

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