Two-Story House Plans for Stunning Contemporary Residence Design

Today, we will present a contemporary residence design that features stunning residence design with two-story house plans. The ideas are taken from the private living space called Villa V. this villa is a stunning villa design situated in Bloemendaal, The Netherlands. Paul de Ruiter Architects created this villa with glass facades and great lighting systems.

Two-Story House Plans - Wide Glass Walls and Flat Roof near Grass Yard

Wide Glass Walls and Flat Roof near Grass Yard

Two-Story House Plans

Now, get some look and read the details in this article. There are several pictures taken from the design of the contemporary home in the first pictures. The facade is designed from glass materials. There are two-story house plans that are structured based on glass material for the first level and black solid materials for the second floor. This house is also located in an urban area with a green view surrounding it. They are the bushes and also lush vegetation. When being at night, the appearance of the interior design is dazzling.

The next style of the house can be in the outdoor appearance. There are also wooden fences that appear under the vines. They add floor lamps in that place to make the sparkling fence. We will also see the terrace design of this house that is structured on the dark wooden floor. It involves a set of dark grey tables and benches. Going inside the room, we will get the minimalist room design. It includes wooden shelves in a small space to be stored. The furniture applied is the black leather chair and also the brown chair applications.

Based on the designs and details that we provide; we will get finding inspiration to create a new atmosphere. We have the outdoor and indoor situations that will lead the nuance to be stunning. Now, it is time to get the information on contemporary home design ideas with two-story house plans that we share related to contemporary building styles.

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Two-story house plans are homes with two stories, often separating living spaces from sleeping areas. Two stories include ranch homes with finished lower levels and a 1 ½-story home. But, most 2-story plans are Traditional style homes with two full levels, one on top of the other.

2 story house plans (sometimes written as “two-story house plans”) are probably the most popular story configuration for a primary residence. A traditional 2-story house plan presents the main …

Two Story House Plans. The quintessential home design in America’s long history of home building, the two-story house plan remains popular, relevant, and characteristically All-American.

Which is better, a one-story or two-story home?

On the other side of the spectrum, while a single-story home makes the best use of square footage, a two-story home can fit a much larger home on a smaller footprint. So, if you have a large family with teenage children and it is important to have several large bedrooms, a two-story home might be perfect.

Are two-story houses more expensive?

That said, however, two-story construction can be cheaper than one-story. Two of the most expensive parts of a house are the roof and the foundation. A two-story home with the same square footage as a one-story has half the roofing costs and half the foundation costs.

Is there a two-story manufactured home?

Stonewall and Jamestown are smaller traditional two-story modular homes, and the Fairview and Lone Star are smaller contemporary modular floor plans. The Roaring Brook II and the Whitaker II are much larger traditional 2-story manufactured homes, and the North Star and Anchor Mill are much bigger contemporary modular home floor plans.

2 Story House Plans. A two-story house plan is a popular style of home for families, especially since all the bedrooms are on the same level — so parents know what the kids are up to! Not only… In the collection below, you’ll discover two-story house plans that sport Craftsman, farmhouse, contemporary-modern, colonial, Victorian, and many other types of architecture. If you’re a…

Two Story Home Plans. By the square foot, a two-story house plan is less expensive to build than a one-story because it’s usually cheaper to build up than out. The floor plans in a two-story design… Two-story homes offer distinct advantages: they maximize the lot by building up instead of out, are well-suited for view lots, and offer greater privacy for bedrooms. It’s also hard to beat the curb…

Dream 2 Story House Plans, Floor Plans, Layouts & Blueprints. 2 story house plans give you many advantages. Building up instead of out presents a more cost-efficient way to build since land is…

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