Unique Killim Rug in Bewitching Contemporary Home Design

Jose Roberto Paredes from Cincopatasalgato has done one impressive contemporary home design for this modern multi-level residence with a unique killim rug named La Piscucha, which is located in San Salvador. The stunning asymmetric roof apparently becomes one of the most attractive features of the design platform. Yes, the roof was created with a half-transparent form and also appears in a peculiar shape. An abundance of floor-to-ceiling windows and glass sliding doors produce a more futuristic and sleek appearance. Then black slate cladding and concrete stone cladding also dominate the exterior decoration, and as a result, this dwelling appears vigorous yet still chic and sleek.

Unique Killim Rug - with Glass Wall and Taupe Colored Planters Accompanied the Lamps Added Brightnes

with Glass Wall and Taupe Colored Planters Accompanied the Lamps Added Brightness

Unique Killim Rug

The interior decoration of the house has also appeared in a futuristic style. Based on well-composed contemporary home design ideas, each room emerges very richly and comfy with trendy modern furniture. One of the most appealing designs was done for the bedroom on the upper level. This place appears undeniably seductive with glazing, a cool slate floor, and a little minimalist bed. Black armchairs and a unique killim rug escalate the beauty of the decoration. Near the bedroom, there is a comfy balcony terrace with a warm wooden floor and lovely white iron fences.

Moreover, the living room also emerges so enchantingly in a minimalist arrangement. A Grey sectional sofa with a dark blue rug was set, and it blends beautifully with glazing, slate floor, and white plastered ceiling. Vigorous wooden panels were also formed and eventually brought a genuine warm aura to the room. We also could not leave the presence of an outdoor sitting area on the ground level near the courtyard and pond. Modern wooden benches and the wooden coffee table were set modestly and appear as a comfy sitting area for the owner when they want to enjoy beautiful outside scenery and the blue sky.

To accumulate, this captivating retreat explains how modern architectural design could appear through some extraordinary shapes and minimalist arrangements. Each element was developed with high-quality material and precise adjustment. Both exterior and interior design was undoubtedly done in a very specific way. In summary, it is easy to cite this retreat design as an affecting model of contemporary home interior design ideas which will inspire more people with the unique killim rug in terms of producing more creative and innovative design.

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