Glossy Wooden Flooring for Futuristic Private House Design

Guymer Bailey Architects has elegantly designed a futuristic private house design with glossy wooden flooring for this contemporary two-level house called The Gap. Located in Brisbane, this house stands so stunningly with trendy zinc-coated steel cladding. The exterior concept also appears modern through the presence of steel cladding and other features such as a sloping steel roof, glass panels, and a bunch of floor-to-ceiling windows. The structure itself has appeared in the long rectangular cube. As a result, the appearance of this dwelling looks authentically vigorous and modern.

Glossy Wooden Flooring - Glass Looks Showing the Furnitures Living and Dining Room Under Bed Area

Glass Looks Showing the Furnitures Living and Dining Room Under Bed Area

Glossy Wooden Flooring

About the interior decoration, this retreat has an enchanting minimalist yet modern arrangement. Through an impressive private home design, the main living room was formed with glossy wooden flooring, a white painted wall, glass sliding doors, and a high wooden ceiling. White sectional sofas were arranged along together with the coffee table and white rug. Near the living room, one stylish kitchen appears so seductive with red kitchen cabinets, steel backsplash, and wooden countertop. White painted wall and ceiling apparently emerge so musically with the wooden floor, and together they produce a sleek outlook for this kitchen.

Moreover, a sturdy wooden staircase with a steel handrail was also designed precisely. It escorts to the upper floor which also appears so futuristic with the minimalist concept as well. On this level, there is a comfy office room which emerges so lovely with a bunch of glass windows. White painted walls and ceiling escalate the spacious ambiance of this place, and the wooden floor brings a little bit of warm feeling genuinely. The furniture such as the white modern sofa, exotic kilim rug, white bookshelf, and white office table also escalate the beauty of this contemporary office space.

In the end, each element of this dwelling was decorated with a maximum modern style. Both exterior and interior were completed with high-quality materials, futuristic shape and pattern, and beautiful minimalist furniture arrangements. To sum up, the whole platform and concept for each part could be mentioned as a representation of the most impressive private home interior design illustration with glossy wooden flooring which emerges as the best selection for any futuristic theme admirer.

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Parquet Glazer VP500 – Matt or Glossy Wood Flooring Also known as a parquet varnish, the Parquet Glazer VP500 offers extreme protection against daily wear and tear to your wooden floors and parquet. Colorless, odorless, and available in matt or gloss, it does not change the natural appearance of the wood.

A higher gloss on your Appalachian wood flooring will define the natural grain of your stunning wood floor. High gloss wood flooring is available exclusively in solid wood flooring. Your planks will be ¾” thick and carry a 50-year finish warranty and lifetime structural warranty, clearly a reflection of the quality you are purchasing with Somerset Hardwood Flooring.

Which is the best high gloss flooring in the UK?

High gloss flooring is fast becoming the flooring of choice for homeowners and business owners all around the UK. The high gloss flooring ranges from Elesgo and Falquon Flooring provide a unique contemporary look and feel which will ensure your decor gets the look and character it deserves.

When it comes to wood flooring there are a growing number of finishes that you can choose from. Finishes such as oil will create a natural, matt look, and lacquer or varnish will create a more hard-wearing, glossy finish. Which you choose will depend on a host of considerations.

What should the gloss level be on wood floors?

Gloss levels from 50% to 100% have a very pronounced sheen and create a sleek, modern result. A high gloss tends to be more formal. The higher the gloss, the more you can see any marks, scuffs, or scratches.

Tips for Choosing the Right Gloss. 1. For years, most hardwood floorings were 60 to 65% gloss. 2. Semi- or 45% gloss is shiny but not as reflective as high gloss and shows color and wood grain better. 3. The newest hardwood finish is matte or 10% gloss.

What’s the difference between glossy and Matt Wood floors?

With both matt and glossy finish wood flooring, you’ll be able to remove the finish with light sanding and re-finish the floor a few times during the life of the floor, but matt floors can often be more successfully spot-repaired than glossy floors. What sort of look are you hoping to achieve?

50% gloss—a high sheen. Gloss levels from 50% to 100% have a very pronounced sheen and create a sleek, modern result. A high gloss tends to be more formal. The higher the gloss, the more you can see any marks, scuffs, or scratches. 15% gloss—a very low luster. This look is very popular today and gives the appearance of European oil-rubbed finishes.

Can a low gloss floor look like an oil-rubbed floor?

As mentioned above, low luster floors mimic the increasingly popular, European-inspired look of oil-rubbed floors. Truly having an oil-rubbed finish is very high maintenance and time-consuming. But with the low-gloss, high-style finish option from Shaw, you can achieve the same look with minimal maintenance!

High Gloss Hardwood Finish. For those that prefer shinier finishes, this is a good option. It’s shinier but not as impractical as a glossy finish. Glossy has about 70% luster. You typically see glossy used on gym floors and bowling alleys, and some of the exotic hardwood use this finish as well. A glossy finish tends to show every spec of …

When you’re looking for a modern and affordable flooring material for your home, our Grey and Brown Slates design of high-gloss laminate flooring is the perfect solution. This flooring offers the look of different color wooden “slates” with a wood grain design, and a …

Semi-Gloss Wood Floor Finish. Although a true glossy finish provides the highest amount of luster, that type of finish is typically reserved for specialty spaces (such as bowling alleys or gyms). Semi-gloss, on the other hand, is sometimes used in residential spaces. Its shine falls anywhere between 45-55%, making it more reflective than satinwood floors.

Flooring Thickness. 0.5”. This product has a dark espresso tone, high gloss, and a smooth finish. This product is perfect for homes with light to medium traffic. Wood Species: Cherry. Construction: Engineered wood. Surface Texture: Smooth. Flooring Thickness: 0.5”. Installation Grade: On grade.

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