Outdoor Patio Area for Natural Holiday Villa Design

Combine the elements of a cave house and modern furnishing element together and you will have the splendid holiday villa design with the outdoor patio area, the Chongwe River House. Located in Zambia’s Lower Zambezi National Park, the villa has the greatest advantage of the natural safari as well as the Chongwe and Zambezi rivers. The villa has an exquisite design that protrudes a very wild lifestyle while combining it with modern luxury. The villa also offers a facility which includes a canoe and boat rental, a guide and a private touring vehicle, as well as an armed scout for protection from the wild.

Take You Higher to the Main Building of the River House Made from Natural Materials

Take You Higher to the Main Building of the River House Made from Natural Materials

The villa is what you can call as Flintstone going luxurious because it really is. The beautiful villa design has an exterior that is artistically built to resemble a makeshift home using a large stone wall structure, tree trunks, and raw branches, and bristle roof top. It is built with an outdoor patio area, dining space, fire and swimming pool complete with swimming two beach side recliners.

Moving to the interior, this sensation of a wilderness living is not forgotten. It is only magnified by so much more and made beautiful by the artistic design. Woven bamboo ornamented the ceiling and raw branches and trunks are used as a décor, a faucet, sink, table, and basis for a sofa. Stones decorated the floor and animal hides are used as mats. Very little materials used for modern furnishings, such as glass and vibrant colors are used here. If anything, only the interior dining table and canopy bed are incorporated into a more urban design.

This villa has two floors and four bedrooms. The villa places a true outdoor living concept into the villa interior design. Even though it has walls, these walls do not cover many areas of the home, and these parts are left bare to the open air with no glass covering or nets. This way, air circulation for the outdoor patio area will always be in full breeze effect.

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