Glass Window Effect for Stunning Unique Bedroom Interior

Sometimes people just need to get out from their comfort zone and break free their limitations. In this case, it can be applied to home and interior design that comes in the form of unique bedroom design with glass window effect. Let’s take a look at an example, such as in this birch tree bed. Instead of metal steeds on bedding, it uses a four-poster concept from the natural birch tree. The plant itself has light brown nuance, and thus should be balanced with light wood bed couch and white mattress. At corner, place velvet sofa with brown blanket and floor lamp from the natural tree as well.

Bedroom Using Unique Bedroom Completed Many Lamp on Striped Ceiling

Bedroom Using Unique Bedroom Completed Many Lamp on Striped Ceiling

Aside for bedding area, lots of accessories and decorative aspects are inside the bedroom. In order to get the best result from unique bedroom design ideas with the glass window effect, choose special lighting effect from a small spiky ball placed on the desk top. Inside this ball is a light bulb, and thus, it shines through shell surface. After that, the lighting effect is created nicely. Or, go for classic lamp filled with candles and place them on headboard area.

Choosing unique accessories is actually considered normal and common. Therefore, make different moves by choosing the unusual shape of the large-sized glass window coupled with a white bookshelf. This way, behind the comfy bed, is triangle shaped racks to put accessories and reading books. Glass window effect installed flows through rack’s design and then it creates triangular form too. White gives a clean finish, and when bright green is used in floor, it looks more charming.

Princess-like or theme does not only belong to girls but sometimes for women as well. Choose white metal bedding area carved in beautiful shape in headboard design. Furthermore, lots of colorful pillows are placed on the bed, along with different patterns from them. Unique room decor which applies the glass window effect is done by simply contrasting monochrome tones which to paint a wall in black.

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