Built In Lamp for Modest Spain House Design with White Interior Theme

The single family place can be built look like Spain house design phase with built-in the lamp  as terceroderecha arquitectos invent interior lighting system that for opulent and modern display. This exterior home is adorned using a white concrete partition, rectangle glass wall, and oak wall phase. They develop exterior floor using fresh grass and gray, rough stone period. They also arrange this home using multilevel concept for opulent phase. The outside ground floor area also added chic garage utilizes white concrete and creamy wood partition phase.

Wall and Green Landscaping Decoration Ideas

Wall and Green Landscaping Decoration Ideas

The interior home is adorned with large layout include huge barrier display. The grand design house Spain is established gray and white utensils scheme and branded concept. The ground floor area can look calm and lavish system using branded tools style. The gray soft fabric sofa, box white solid table, and white shelves fill in living area. The built-in a lamp with wide round form added on the ceiling side on this room. The gray tile staircase placed in this place to link the first-floor side.

The lavish interior display can allow from first-floor side using quality utensils style. The branded appliances fill in kitchen area using Europe phase. This utensil is painted with white color for bright layout and silver color for splendor design. The white furnishing scheme is applied for kitchen drawer phase. The silver paint is planned for stove utensils and kitchen island phase.

The private space is placed on the first-floor side designed uses monochromatic layout. The minimalist corridor fills in this area to link to another part. This space has white partition form and gray tile floor. The rectangle white wood door is applied to this area to connect with room destination. The private room has a simple phase with modest utensils model. They put bedroom and bathroom front of wide rectangle window to take maximum bright effect. They develop grand designs Spanish house with built-in the lamp for modern touch for interior and exterior space.

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