Glass Sliding Doors for Engaging Duplex House Architecture

Dcpp Arquitectos has creatively shaped a winning duplex house design with glass sliding doors for this futuristic duplex retreat named Cerrada de Cortes, which is located in Mexico City. The concept emphasizes on the new rectangular concrete structure. Some other contemporary features were also appeared in such enchanting forms, for instance, the modern flat roof top, enchanting glass sliding doors and windows, and also concrete cladding which emerges vigorous yet minimalist.

Afternoon Showing Green Yard and Glass Windows Mkae Stylish the Decor

Afternoon Showing Green Yard and Glass Windows Makes Stylish the Decor

The house was built with intimate and private style since the owner wants to have more privacy although the house was surrounded by other residences. Enormous high wall fences in the left and right side apparently produce intimate ambiance for the home. And then, based on sophisticated modern duplex house design, one breezy courtyard was also designed to produce the spacious and natural atmosphere, so the house owner will get ultimate private living space without losing fresh and bright ambiance. The glass sliding doors also escalate the spacious aura for this house, hence although it was completed with high wall fences this house still appears so open and sleek.

Exploring the inside decoration, we could clearly see a stylish interior decoration. The blonde wooden floor was installed along together with white painted wall and ceiling. The glazing also blends melodiously with the white theme. For the exterior arrangement, each room was designed very voguish. In the main living room, gray sectional sofas appear so charming with brown pillows cushion, wooden coffee table and some art paintings on the wall. Then the dining space was also developed very eye catching with wooden furniture. Near the dining, there is a kitchen which emerges enchanting with long horizontal form. White kitchen cabinets apparently appear so catchy with wooden countertop and some wooden bar chairs.

The bedroom also emerges undoubtedly appealing since it was designed with the white theme. Wooden floor produce warm and comfortable ambiance, while the glazing makes this bedroom appears so modern. To summarize, as an architectural design modern house duplex prototype, this futuristic duplex house has beautifully shown the most seductive side of contemporary design concept with the glass sliding doors through its distinctive form for both exterior and interior decoration.

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