Concrete Walls Construction for Simple Mediterranean Home Design Style

Many Mediterranean homes with concrete walls construction are built to reflect the land’s topographical landscape. Radiant exterior color is one of the many distinguishing features. One example of this type of home is Villa di Gioia by Pedone Working. With its large floor plan and yard, the white structure stands like a pristine jewel in the midst of a lush green garden. Transparency to the outdoors is achieved through the building of floor to ceiling windows. In addition to that, to increase the magnitude of space in this large home design, the architectural design of the home is built specifically to be minimalist and simple.

White makes up the entirety of the wall’s interior and exterior presentation. This placement allows for many energy sufficiency features. Apart from the pristine presentation, the while wall provides a cool home interior effect. White is after all, apart from being a great color for a Mediterranean home decor backdrop that is also heated repellant, thus helping the interior of the home with some cooling effect. Another aspect which gives the home interior a cooling effect is the home’s use of solid concrete walls construction. These walls are thick enough to not allow the sunshine and heat to enter, thus keeping the interior cold.

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As for lighting, well the glass has done its best job. The home is built with many floors to ceiling windows to give the home a modern and up-to-date touch as well as a natural ventilation ability. This feature is shared among the other parts of the house through the home’s open floor plans which of course provide little disturbance in the sharing of air circulation and light distribution. The floor to ceiling windows also connects the indoor and outdoor areas of the home.

The home structure is built with a very modern style. In the first floor, where the social spaces are located, open floor plans dominate. This floor plan allows for the communication between one room to another. The private areas of the home are built on the second floor, just a stair away from the Mediterranean interior decorating feature with the concrete walls construction for strong house type.

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