Unique Hanging Paper Lanterns in Sleek Japanese Bedroom Design

The Zen interior style is what Japanese design with the unique hanging paper lanterns is good at. It accentuates simple lifestyle and minimalist method that still appreciate living things, especially nature. It can be applied to any rooms as home and interior design, such as in this topic of Japanese bedroom design ideas. Large sized windows are a typical example from interior details. Wooden flooring surface of granite stone can almost be found in the implementation of all Asian styles.

Bedroom using Bedroom by Green Plants Planted on Fertile Lands

Bedroom using Bedroom by Green Plants Planted on Fertile Lands

The sliding door style is traditional characteristic a Japanese house has. Only combine this with the modern theme by choosing a white window and balcony area outside. Hang yellow curtain to cover this area, and do not forget to place unique hanging paper lanterns as Japanese bedroom interior design ideas. Granite stone is covered with gray carpet, and black wood is used for bedding. Moreover, nature theme of blanket and pillow sheets is chosen to boost more Japanese culture.

As mentioned above, Japanese culture is about balanced life that is also simple and minimalist. Therefore, choosing a white theme for the bedroom is considered right, especially when it has a touch of nature, for instance, potted plants to get the refreshing atmosphere. Leather chair with ergonomic shape has a white ottoman to lie feet there comfortably. Star lamps are installed too to get a sweet side of the simple idea. The window is then located behind the bed so that people wake up naturally from sunlight.

White walls and ceiling are combined nicely with light wood panels for flooring surface. Lots of glass windows are created to make airy feeling and let natural sunlight inside. Working space at corner has wooden table combined with wheeled computer chair of brown leather. Cute floral carpet is rolled in front of the television screen. This can be done as another idea of Japanese decorating ideas living room with the unique hanging paper lanterns in different space for cheerful atmosphere and fun look.

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