Glass Pendant Shades in Creative Ideas for Kitchen Design

Have you ever thought to create natural kitchen lighting with glass pendant shades before? Most people think to beautify their modern kitchen with sophisticated lighting. They may buy beautiful pendant lamps or chic chandelier in order to make their kitchen becoming more attractive and inviting. For that, they have to spend much money. But, don’t they think to be creative enough? Talking about natural lighting, it means that you don’t have to spend more money.

Well, here are some kitchen lighting tips with vintage glass pendant shades that can be eco-friendly for you and also be an efficient solution. You can save more money and energy by considering using this kind of lighting. Natural light comes from an overhead skylight, adjacent window, or an adjacent room. You do not worry that your kitchen will be darker. To save the energy, in the morning or afternoon, you can open the windows or remove the drapery. Here, you have to begin to think about using plenty of glass windows. It has been known that glass windows can allow the natural daylight to come into the room. Besides that, it can also trap the heat so you do not need to use room cooler. Glass materials are also identical with modern home design.

Like what has been mentioned before, to have natural lighting, you have to remove your drapery. Actually, you do not need to remove all your drapery and let your windows without being covered. However, the use of drapery is crucial since it can also be a decorative element in the kitchen. What you need here is only changing the window treatments. If you have heavy materials for your windows like dark fabrics, you can change the lighter ones. Choose materials like linen, sheer, or cotton. They can let the natural light from the sun to come into the house, but your elegant kitchen still looks elegant.

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The other solution can be changing the kitchen cabinets. You can choose glass kitchen cabinet, bright kitchen cabinets like a white kitchen cabinet, or you can paint the room in a bright color like white, cream or grey. The best choice of kitchen pendant lighting with glass pendant shades can also be used for a solution but should be the one which is eco-friendly.

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