Background Wall Decoration for Cute Barbie Bedroom Design Theme

These Barbie bedroom design ideas with background wall decoration are great to do as it has a pink color theme. Tween age is a time when girls are preparing to be a teenager and usually they get distracted easily, in term of following the fashion trend. Barbie is longtime favorite for any girls, though. For example, walls are painted in two colors of vivid red and soft pink. Barbie wall decor is added near white themed vanity. For bedding idea, the white valance is hung to the ceiling and then added with pink stickers in several shapes.

Stripes Center Wall of Kids Bedroom Using Barbie Bedroom with Mini Bed

Stripes Center Wall of Kids Bedroom Using Barbie Bedroom with Mini Bed

Cheerful mood always can be related to tween or teenager. Try bright colors and tones to achieve this. Paint wall in simple white, and then decorate ceiling area with striped blue and white colors. Pink and yellow motif of curtain hung to window stylishly. After that, Barbie bedroom decor is created in a perfect look by adding polka dot bed couch, which is covered with a hot pink blanket. The sunrise mirror is hung to background wall decoration then.

Twin gets double room and space, and hence, they get two beds inside the large bedroom. Each has luxury drape hung as part of the vivid red headboard in tufted accent and framed with beautiful carving. Between pink beds, white desk in oval shape sends out eclectic style. Do not forget about velvet sofas in mini size at the foot of each bed. Classic chandelier in golden touch is hung to ceiling, though.

As mentioned before, pink and its shades are mainly applied to interior design. But in this relaxing space of the home, it got a modern touch of luxury feeling and clean cut finish. Yellow sofa in tufted accent is combined with glass table and black chairs. Grey bookshelf is embedded into the white wall, whereas Barbie decorating ideas are seen from a large picture hung. The picture depicts Ken and Barbie characters for the background wall decoration are having fun together.

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