Concrete Block Foundation for Outstanding Minimalist Home Design

The Gelb House is a highly minimalist home design with concrete block foundation that focuses on simplicity and high functionality. Minimalism is the style that develops to fulfill the modern need of the society for highly functional home. It means that minimalism does not focus on the detail, it concentrates on the function. However, there are so many modern home designs, which frequently uses minimalist design, end up in the breathtaking home creation, and one of those lovely home design is this house. In the matter of functionality, this house is perfect but in the issue of beauty, and this house can also provide us with something amazing.

In the context of material selection, this minimalist home design has slightly different material than other modern house in the architectural structure, and it uses concrete block foundation. There are so many advantages in using concrete block, and one of them is the price, it is cheaper that concrete. The other material that excessively involves in this modern living space design is steel. It can be found in the main pillars. There are also some glass materials that use in this beautiful home design. It uses in the window and doors.

House Patio with Pebble Space near the Green Trees

House Patio with Pebble Space near the Green Trees

The other great thing that you will see in this amazing living space is the space setting. When you see the space environment from upside, it looks like a labyrinth. It occupies high space efficiency and able to provide the person who lives in this house sufficient room to live in. Outstanding minimalist home design with the concrete block foundation by Bruce Norelius Studio is created in 1949, but the renovation project that done in this house make it looks as beautiful as modern housing design.

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