Unique Interior Design Styles for Strong Apartment Character

Are you looking for a compact personal apartment with unique interior design styles? Apartment Spectral might be your choice. This studio apartment in Paris, France, is a small yet cozy housing for a person or two. With only twenty square meters of space, the designer of this apartment succeeded in creating a compact apartment. The problem that this apartment had was a bad lighting. With only two small windows, the apartment will be almost completely dark. From that consideration, the designer decided to create a central lighting system that can brighten the whole room.

With its long, narrow shape, they have to save space so that every basic necessity of housing can be put inside this small apartment’s unique interior design styles. In order to do that, the stove and the sink are compounded to one line of a desk. Next, to it, a staircase is built to go up, but to where? Since they have no other rooms, they created the bed in the end of the room, but it is elevated. Right below the bed, a small shower and sink are placed.

The central lighting system that was mentioned before is located next to the staircase and also acts as a cover for the bathroom. It is a set of neon lamps that are installed in a piece of wall. Because it is placed in the middle of the apartment, it can light up the entire room perfectly. The main problem is solved.

Functions as Cozy Space for Reading by Utilizing the Steps

Speaking about the style, this compact apartment brings minimalism to its most extreme level. The entire apartment is painted white. The stove set, the counter for preparing the ingredients for cooking, and the sink are infused into one line so that there is still some space for walking throughout the apartment. The bedroom is a small elevated space for the bed on the end of the room. In the apartment interior with unique interior design styles, the bathroom is only a small shower and sink that are also on the end of the room.

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Concept Installed in Neat Row over the Staircase Balustrade and DividerWhite bedspread and Pillows Displayed on Minimalist Bed Loft Accessed by StairsBright Lighting Displayed in Bathroom and Bedroom Loft Area with StairsPlant Placed in Front of Glass Enclosed Shower