Circular Wall Decorations for Stylish Contemporary Home Design

The contemporary home design with circular wall decorations can be designed in the beautiful place to get stunning outside view. The modern home style that is combined with fantastic panorama will produce the perfect home design. The Haus D has been designed by PAUHOF Architekten. This house is located in Novacella, Italy that has stunning mountain panorama. The peace nuance and new atmosphere become the main reason of the architect to create this modern home in this village. This home is constructed in the sloping area which becomes the characteristic of the home in the mountainous area. From the outside, this house has L shape vertical design. The textured decoration makes this home looked so beautiful and matched with the natural environment.

Black Colored Floor which is Made from Concrete

The beautiful garden becomes the plus value that can provide total relaxation to the owner. The tranquil atmosphere with beautiful panorama surrounds the home. Located in the uphill, this home can explore the stunning panorama in the downslope. The architect creates unique circular wall decorations in these contemporary home design ideas. The decoration makes different nuance in this home exterior. The exposed stone wall is used to decorate the floor in the backyard to pair with great natural atmosphere surround the home.

From the backyard, the owner can enjoy the stunning view in the downslope. This panorama can release the stress in the owner’s mind quickly. The creative design of this backyard makes this home looks more fantastic and elegant. From this place, the owner also can enjoy the amazing mountain panorama. The beautiful view with the green atmosphere can provide total relaxation to the owner. The architect also designs the patio with wooden floor to combine the natural material with modern design.

The textured wall exterior design is a smart design to make the home looks more impressive. The white concrete decoration can be a good partner to make this home exterior looks more captivating. The modern design that is applied in this home can be paired with stunning panorama surround the home. The contemporary home interior designs ideas with the circular wall decorations also designed with the complete modern design.

Other Collections of Circular Wall Decorations for Stylish Contemporary Home Design

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