Wooden Floor Panels for Historical Restaurant Interior Design

It is like to be teleported by this restaurant interior design with wooden floor panels into the past time of Romania capital, Bucharest. The time feels to stop at the moment of the historical story by entering the Bon restaurant. Worn interior embraces the inside atmosphere in the presence of door and windows shutters. Vintage furniture designs also contribute to set the retro theme of past realm. Clever architect, Cristian Corvin has made a marvel by crafting this eating area with a rich, old-fashioned accent. The combination of original detail structure helps to construct a sweet collaboration.

Traditional Furniture Used Wooden Material for Building

Traditional Furniture Used Wooden Material for Building

Different chairs and a coffee table are in a nice pairing to provide every hungry person with special dining furniture fixture. In the wall, beverage cabinets have some touch of the old structure behind the long bench and new one on the other side of the elegant white chamber. Many kinds of old designed door shutters become a perfect backdrop to sense the historic nuance while savoring the meal. Outdated wall lamps exude tiny light enlivening the past time atmosphere within the tenderness. This restaurant has a more excellent point than modern restaurant interior design with the wooden floor panels in Romania, delivering the historical accent to accentuate the uniqueness.

Some large cluster of dining furniture offers communal seats to have both formal and casual meeting. Old style candle holder supports the theme elegantly standing in the center of the wooden table. Vintage design of pendant lamps also brings another taste of illumination and focus the light of each private coffee table.

Chevron assembly of the wooden floor is suitable to grant more classic accent. A Rich pattern of the tile floor gives pretty design in contrast with ligneous flooring. The bar detail design also tells about a certain characteristic of past time style structure. The old fashioned elegance of this restaurant fixture reveals more coziness than modern interior design concept with the wooden floor panels in granting the historical tone.

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