Sunken Seating Area for Modern Indoor and Outdoor Design

Yes, the sunken seating area is perfect to be applied inside and outside your house. Have you ever heard about it? The sunken seating is a sunken area filled with some sofas, benches, ottomans, or any other seating. Some benefits are given by this kind of room design. Since it is built within surrounded area, the comfortable and intimate feelings will come even more. You will sit face to face each other which are excellent to the discussion or chit chat activity.

Start from the example of an outdoor sunken seating area first. Take a look at this picture. On an opened patio next to a swimming pool, there is a squared sunken area fulfilled with a set of comfortable modern sofa. The sofa goes around the sides of the sunken square, completed with comfortable pads and cushions. A simple table is added as the center of the modern seating design. Proper simple lighting on the table will help you enjoy your night better.

Move to an indoor one. In a huge room, you can have a rounded sunken room. Build a simple wooden staircase to take you down to the sofa. Add a set of the white rounded sofa to support your comfort. Don’t forget to add cushions and a proper fireplace in the middle of the area. But if you have a smaller room, you can have a squared sunken seating area. Border the sunken area with wooden walls just like what you can see in this picture. Red sofa with cushions and a wooden table there must be perfect to be combined. Enjoy the stony wall with built-in fireplace; also enjoy the great nature view given by the giant window there.

Montain Firepit Interior Decorated with Contemporary Sofa and Stone Fireplace Inspiration

Mountain Firepit Interior Decorated with Contemporary Sofa and Stone Fireplace Inspiration

Neutral coloration should be a perfect toe to create a plush effect to a sunken seating area. For example is this luxurious sitting room. A rounded sunken seating room is created, supported by a luxurious white sofa in rounded design too. Some lime green cushions are available on it; give another modernity in color collaboration. White oak wood flooring, spacious area, elegant lighting, and marvelous glass stuff make everything looks spectacular. Enjoy the new indoor or modern outdoor sunken seating area now in your house.

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