Wood Panels on Walls for Contemporary Multi Level House Structure

Oscar Gonzalez Moix has amazingly developed contemporary multi-level house designs with wood panels on walls for this modern duplex retreat called La Planicie House which is located in Peru. The beautiful U-shaped structure appears as the main attraction of the design, along with spacious central courtyard in the middle of the house. Yes, through well designed open floor plan, the U-shaped form was also completed with one courtyard which emerges so breezy just in the center of U-structure. The house itself has a long horizontal shape for each side with modern style and flat rooftop. The glazing and concrete stone cladding also apparently enhance the contemporary vibe of this dwelling.

Planicie Exterior View at the Daylight Showing Green Yard Coconute Tree Accompanied

Planicie Exterior View at the Daylight Showing Green Yard Coconut Tree Accompanied

An abundance of large glass sliding windows and doors produce an authentic sleek and modern appearance. And based on precise multi-level house plans, the interior decoration also appears in futuristic theme. A little bit touch of wood apparently brings an authentic, friendly and warm feeling. Yes, through some sturdy wood panels on walls and warm wooden floor, this house also exposes the sense of warmness. And surprisingly, it blends melodiously with the glazing and minimalist arrangement for each room.

Further ahead, the glazing primarily will satisfy the homeowner since those large glass windows and doors will expose the best view of hills scenery from the outside. And the room arrangement of this house emerges captivating. One volume consists of the lovely main entrance, stylish kitchen, and spacious living room. Near the center courtyard, the presence of modern additional living room and outdoor dining space apparently produces an active deluxe vibe for this integrated indoor-outdoor living space. The homeowner could enjoy their selves having outdoor barbecue/dinner and special gathering on the outdoor dining space for sure.

To sum up, this dwelling successfully demonstrates dynamic modern features of the contemporary architectural design. Start from its enchanting U-shaped structure, material choosing, lovely center courtyard until the important outdoor and indoor integrated concepts, this house is an undoubtedly inspiring model. In the end, based on its brilliant form and through its stylish multi-level home plans with the wood panels on walls, this prototype absolutely will stimulate new inspiration and concept about modern living space design.

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