Open Floor Concept for Beautiful Modern Residence

Studio di Architettura Daniele Menichini has built this lovely modern residence with the excellent futuristic open floor concept. The exterior decoration has appeared futuristic and dynamic through the presence of solid stone form, vigorous wooden cladding, and also an abundance of modern black pillars as the accent of a terrace. Flat rooftop and large sliding doors also escalate the sense of contemporary. And surprisingly, the house blends with the environmental setting around it which is breezy green lawn and a bunch of beautiful trees. Another unique concept is rainwater development system and drainage system which was designed for this retreat.

Architettura View at Daylight Surrounded by the Planters

Architettura View at Daylight Surrounded by the Planters

We could explore the interior decoration as well start from the front terrace with the open floor concept. Through well formed modern residence designs, the stone floor has appeared as a melodious partner for the wooden cladding and white painted ceiling. Minimalist modern sofas and spherical coffee table were set and produce a comfy sitting area which will pamper the homeowner with comfy ambiance. The beautiful green panorama could bee is seen clearly from this cozy terrace, and of course, the fresh air also could be enjoyed since the green lawn helps this dwelling to have a healthy air circulation system.

Another pleasant decoration was also done for the bedroom within the house. This room has an enchanting wooden washed floor, white painted wall, and ceiling. Some floor to ceiling windows and sliding doors apparently produce sleek and spacious atmosphere for this bedroom. About the furniture development, this room was filled with stunning white furniture. The White new bed was set along with minimalist white armchairs, and white concrete, permanent office table. A color hint appears through some feature such as purple and green panels, purple and green headboards for the bed, and the bolster for the armchairs. Those bright hues hint apparently produces a stylish natural appearance and becomes a soul for the white theme.

To conclude, this sleek, futuristic dwelling emerges inspiring with its impressive modern features. Both exterior and interior decoration demonstrate an authentic futuristic concept. Then material choosing, coloring and furniture arrangement also escalate the beauty of this residence. In conclusion, this stirring retreat could be labeled as one of the most captivating modern home interior designs with the open floor concept examples which will appear as a promising reference for futuristic architectural design enthusiasts.

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