Black Sofa Ideas for Cozy Bright Moscow Apartment Design

In Moscow, ZE|Workroom Studio creates this bright Moscow apartment with black sofa ideas on the 100 square meter ground. This apartment provides a minimalist design which is maximizing the use of simple place and design to get a beautiful house without a complicated structure. Usually, the colors are following to be the same straightforward and uncomplicated. That is why most minimalist house design has neutral colors of white and black, including this apartment.

Modern Blue and White Kitchenwith Black Kitchen Stools

Modern Blue and White Kitchen with Black Kitchen Stools

The minimalist design of the Moscow apartment design has been clearly shown in the living area of the condo. The black sofa ideas in the corner of the wooden flooring room are good by contrasting the white wall. In fact, the wooden flooring is cut by a small cabinet and changed to be black shining tile. This tile color is designed to have bright furniture for dining activities. Tiny simple design in white dominates the furniture. This furniture is surrounded by a modern kitchen.

Old cyan in the white domination kitchen sets makes the kitchen even look better. In fact, most interiors in the kitchen are white and minimalist. The cyan color is only the additional design. The white cabinets are better to have wood on it. It will help you to set sink and stove. This wooden material is suitable to be applied to be dining table near the kitchen. Beautifully, the sunshine helps the room to keep bright in the day with a natural source of lighting. Finally, the white canopy is not too bad for modern minimalist design.

In fact, such design is applied to the almost all rooms in this apartment. The materials and colors are also similar. It has also occurred in bathroom. A simple pattern on the wall is okay, but it is still in straightforward and minimalist design. White is the best color for this private room. Besides giving simple design, this color also gives the impression of the clean room. In last, the minimalist Moscow apartment which is furnished with black sofa ideas is undoubtedly minimalist and modern.

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