Low Glass Coffee Table for Sleek Interior Design with Open Plan Layout

Nikolashin Alex and Catherine Emelyanova from SL*project have impressively shaped stunning interior design for this modern apartment with low glass coffee table in Moscow. The design emphasizes on the presence of open plan layout with integrated communal space. Then stylish white theme was also used in term of arranging the furniture and main hue for each element such as wall, ceiling, and floor. As a result, this luxurious retreat has an outstanding appearance as well as tranquil and serene ambiance. An abundance of large floor to ceiling windows with transparent white curtains also escalates the elegant vibe of this dwelling.

One modern living room was integrated with a spacious dining space and one affecting kitchen. With open plan layout, this communal living space emerges comfy and comfortable without losing its lavish appearance. Based on the white theme and precise interior design ideas, the white L-shaped sofa was set with low glass coffee table and abstract rug. Those pieces of furniture express the beauty of modern and become so lovely for the blonde wooden floor and white painted wall. In the dining area, white marble dining table emerges striking with chunky grey chairs and one crystal pendant lamp.

Wooden Storage Wallpapers Installed that Steel Cabinets Flower Added Pretty the Decor

Wooden Storage Wallpapers Installed that Steel Cabinets Flower Added Pretty the Decor

Near the dining, the kitchen was also designed with minimalist yet voguish style. Grey glossy kitchen cabinets become the main attraction, then additional elements such as white painted backsplash and white marble countertop escalate the beauty of this kitchen. Moreover, this apartment was also completed with the elegant bedroom which has the luxurious arrangement. One grey bed with beautiful headboard appears undoubtedly eye-catching along with dark wooden side table and white standing lamps on it. Near the bedroom, there is a bathroom which was formed with gold tile wall, luxurious antique pendant lamp and modest white bathtub and sink.

To accumulate, this modern interior decoration demonstrates a strong modern vibe of open floor plan. The integrated form for the communal living space apparently also explains about how modern decoration could be formed with limited space without losing its maximum lavish accent. Thus, shaping and implementing modern interior design ideas with the low glass coffee table always become an interesting part, so for every residence owner, you could refer to this prototype and blend it with your inspiration so you will get the most captivating stylish design platform for your future home.

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