Striped Laminate Floor in Presentable White Interior Apartment Style

The white interior apartment can be applied for small room phase with a striped laminate floor. This room theme can be colored for flat ceiling and partition paint. The wood theme also added for interior display to provide the natural and romantic effect.  This scheme is used to decor floor style and furnishing style. This young family place adopts from Sweden apartment show come from Alvhem to decorate Harmony area.

Living Room Used Contemporary Grey Sofa Bed Furniture Ideas

Living Room Used Contemporary Grey Sofa Bed Furniture Ideas

The family space is arranged with one row model separated with white particular partition style to a related kitchen and living room. The white apartment interior design touch still used to decor this family place utilizes bay window phase entire room. The living room placed on the corner family space near entry area with the simple arrangement. The gray tile modern sofa, round white coffee table, and Turkey rug are decorated for this space. The creamy striped laminate floor fills in this area to allow natural phase. The simple creamy wood stairs applied in the living room to influence with kitchen and dining room area.

The kitchen area and dining room are planned to employ white drawer, gray island, creamy round dining table, and white kitchen chairs. The laminate floor and pendant lamp are used to adorn this area. This area related with book gallery space. This space is adorned white wood bookshelves and white utensils phase. The simple stairs phase still placed in this area to connect bedroom and bathroom.

The monochromatic scheme is ornamented for a private area. The small bedroom can take romantic and bright employ tube fireplace and white double bed phase. The cool bathroom is decorated tile ceramic form entire room. The simple utensils still used to adorn this area. This room is arranged employ one row space. This space consists of shower room, toilet area, and vanity sink area. The white apartment interior design ideas which apply the striped laminate floor can give open space layout to the entire room.

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