White Contemporary Sofas for Enchanting Modern Home

Augusto Quijano Arquitectos has successfully brought nature elements with white contemporary sofas as the main structure of this modern home named Casa Q. Natural stone is used as the exterior wall together with the white concrete materials. This rustic texture and the plain looks give the sophisticated look in this modern home exterior. This residence is surrounded by the green plants and trees. Glass windows with white curtains on them give the sleek look of these home elements. Natural stone in a bright color is also used as the exterior flooring in this home exterior element.

Wooden Ceiling and Wide White Lamp near the Brown Stone Wall

Wooden Ceiling and Wide White Lamp near the Brown Stone Wall

Warm and soothing are the impression given by this home interior design. Stone interior wall fits well with the wooden ceiling. The bright concrete flooring looks great with this interior color theme. The living room furniture is also in bright color. White contemporary sofas in modern design make this interior looks chic and beautiful. Bold color is given by the desk used to display the decorative items. Contemporary sconce is hung above this room. Nature elements structures are also perfect to be combined with the modern elements just like this sconce.

Rustic texture can be absolutely seen in this modern kitchen. Wooden elements are used as the materials of this kitchen furniture. The sleek look is the main principle of this kitchen furniture. The dining area is furnished with the white chairs around the sleek table with a glass surface. This room is connected to the outdoor space with the large sliding doors.

It is not only the living room and the dining room that are connected with the outdoor space; the bedroom is also connected with the exterior by large windows made from glass elements. This modern residence is really joined with nature not only by the construction elements but also by the open space. Nature elements for the modern home with the white contemporary sofas can be necessary in order to give the fresh and earthy appearance.

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