Residential Mezzanine Design for Vintage Room Scheme

The residential mezzanine design usually has a large layout and multilevel floor phase. This interior display can be decorated with studio design and contemporary layout. This area is constructed with a two-level floor separated chic staircase. The first floor is developed for the public room concept. This room is compiled to employ large forms to allow harmony area effect in there. The second floor is arranged in a private space with simple partition lines. This area usually arranged with a small room phase.

Wooden Flooring and White Furniture Ideas

Wooden Flooring and White Furniture Ideas

A famous interior designer invents various styles of pleasant room. The residential mezzanine design comes from them can supply catchy interior displays for the single person and small family place. The chic interior room is invented by Studioata to offer a minimalist layout and natural phase. The white scheme and wood scheme is used to create this room lines. The minimalist staircase with white wood lines without a baluster is applied for this place. The contemporary room display fills in this area utilizes open ceiling and square room form.

The stunning scheme with black and white paint is applied for the internal phase. This room line is invented by Leijh, Kapperhof, Seckel, Van den Dobbelsteen for the vintage theme. They develop this room with rustic concepts come from the beam ceiling phase entire room. The first room area is decorated with two kinds of phases namely the white theme and gray theme. The white theme is decorated for the home office and media room. The gray theme is planned for the living room, dining room, and kitchen area. The black furnishing style fills in the gray theme area to give an elegant look. The timber partition model fills in this area to separate from the other room. The private space is colored white paint to get a bright effect.

This room phase supplies the best layout to arrange an interior room in the studio place and small contemporary area. This interior form provides the best design for one space floor display for minimalist and simple lines. The residential mezzanine design from this interior designer provides a complete phase.

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