Grey Sectional Sofa for Dazzling Modern Interior Design Style

Audra Canfield from Designer Fluff has brilliantly formed a dazzling modern interior design with a grey sectional sofa for this trendy modern apartment. The theme is about the combination of stylish art deco accent and vintage mid-century Style. Those two basic ideas were blended into musical fusion. As a result, each room within this retreat appears elegant and lavish. The owner will undeniably get the most sophisticated living space with comfy and comfortable ambiance as well.

Bed Cream Colored that Cream Wall Installed and Make Beauty Looked

Bed Cream Colored that Cream Wall Installed and Make Beauty Looked

Primarily, in the living room, the dark wooden floor was installed as a soul mate for white painted wall and ceiling. Then, based on rich and precise modern interior design ideas the art deco and mid-century style appears so high and authentic through the furniture arrangement. Specifically, the grey sectional sofa with lovely pillows cushion emerges charming. A modern white mound chair was also set along with pink marble coffee table and blonde wooden cupboard. A vigorous rectangular mirror with the exotic stone frame was placed on the wall and apparently produces more artistic vibe.

Moreover, the modish arrangement was also made for the dining room. Spherical marble white table appears so stunning for those vintage leather chairs with white legs. Artistic wooden pendant lamp was set as the beautiful accessory along with some at the photograph on the wall. Near the dining, there is one extended kitchen which was designed in white theme. White painted cabinets with white marble countertop emerge so lovely. Then white tile backsplash escalates the beauty of modern art deco style in this room. We also could not leave the presence of bedroom which appears so elegant with colorful pillows cushion and vivid art paintings on the wall.

In the end, this modern interior arrangement apparently exposes the genuine beauty of art deco and mid-century theme. Each room was completed with lavish modern furniture with a strong vibe of art decoration and vintage style. To accumulate, this ultra modern interior design ideas prototype with the grey sectional sofa generally could be named as one of the most stylish platforms which apparently will give the more new innovative idea about trendy decoration with the modern and mid-century theme.

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