House Plant Decoration with Unique Pot Design

It is easy to arrange the house plant decoration on every side of your house. The color is not only green; dark purple is also available which looks elegant. To make your home fresh and friendly, the tall tree is good, but you need to wait for it to grow tall. With these tiny plants, you can make your free area colorful and spirited. Besides the treatment is not complicated, the necessary material is easy to find as well.

Soil Escort and Cream Table Coaster and Matched for Living Room Area

Soil Escort and Cream Table Coaster and Matched for Living Room Area

If you want to try this at home, you can prepare some materials. The easy way of planting those grows is using palette pot. What is that? That is a multifunctional table which is usually made of the wooden palette. In the middle of the countertop, you can make a large pot and then place those plants inside it. The surface will look enliven with those shady grows. This house plant decoration can be arranged in your living room and maybe your dining room.

Not only create it with ‘formal’ pot, but we can also make something unusual. Like the door and wall decoration which is constructed from succulent. It can be shaped in O-shape or any other alphabet you like. Maybe the round and drum glass terrarium can make the narrowed living space airy more. If you want to make it cheaper, the wine bottle or liquor bottle can also be helpful for you.

Creating a framed plant or flower is also wonderful. You can mix some succulent which has different color and arranges it in a wooden photo frame then hangs it on the wall. Besides the green plant, colorful flowers like orchid are also suitable to make your living space spirited. It can be placed on the square terrarium or attached it to the wall with coconut coir. Those ideas of house plant decoration are easy but serve many advantages.

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