Classic Ceiling Lamps in Stunning Renovated House Plans

The renovated house plans with classic ceiling lamps which are turned into the spacious living are nice. It is situated in Stockholm and it has duplex building design. The interior is warm and looks charming with the dark brown ceiling color. The white flooring is also applied under it and it looks contrast. For utilizing the area, the room is located in side by side arrangement. Like the dining area and family room beside it.

Wooden Dining Table Fruits Completed Illuminated by the Lamps Interior Framed

Wooden Dining Table Fruits Completed Illuminated by the Lamps Interior Framed

The classic ceiling lamps are antique on the brown wooden ceiling. On the dining space, the bowl-shaped shade light is changed with white wire. Oak dining table is mixed with brown leather dining chairs and serves stylish impression. The white fabric sofa with a chaise on the family room is chic and it is added with the wooden coffee table. The concepts of a house remodel plans ideas are classic but elegant. It is shown from the bright and dark furnishing.

Black door and window frame is very elegant and decorated with a tall white curtain. To make the room warmer, the white fireplace that has been renovated is available. It has brown bricked fire box and looks good for this borderless space. Every entrance is equipped with a classic wooden door and they are connecting from one room to every room beside it. The private library with black bookracks is elegant and also added with a long bench with storage under it.

Special for this master bedroom, the decoration theme is only white. The sloped ceiling design with pure white paint color is clear. The modern platform bed is equipped with a white bed sheet. The rounded bedside tables are arranged on each bedside. The white tone is also applied on the bathroom. It is spacious and very bright with the bright furniture color and many light facilities. The house remodels design ideas with the classic ceiling lamps which are applied on the Stockholm residence are maximal.

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