Color Palette for Home in Adorable Chalet Architectural Interior

This artistic home with cultural ornaments design and color palette for home is the dwelling of a Belgian artist. The house reflects lovely colors mix and the stylish ornaments collected from other artistic cultures. Isabella de Borchgrave is the homeowner of this beautiful chalet. The interior design accentuates the various decorating ideas. Once you enter the spaces inside the house, you will be captivated by the colors and textures blend.

De Borchgrave House with Dark Red Chairs Facing Flower on the Dining Table

De Borchgrave House with Dark Red Chairs Facing Flower on the Dining Table

Step closer to the interior, and you will see enchanting color palette for home. Neutral hues dominate the interior decor which includes mostly browns and beiges. But there is another striking shade that exceeds these shades i.e. bright red tone. Red becomes the dominant shade in this home with the decorating ornament ideas besides the two neutral and calm hues, beige and brown.

Green and blue manage to complement and stand out the decor among the dominant shades. The living room is a colorful and beautiful space with a stylish and dynamic design. The fireplace enhances warmth to the spaces with decorative painting on the empty wall above it. Catchy carpet with the racial motive enriches the artistic value into the living area.

An ample open shelf is designed to showcase the ornaments, decorative elements, and sculptural artwork. Tablecloth with idyllic motive covers the dining table with beautiful flowers on a clear vase. Wooden chairs adopt the vintage style in a shabby shade. The chairs are painted in various hues of white, blue and red. Tribal pattern covers the pad and backrest of the antique chairs.

The reading corner is completed with a traditional wooden chair with smooth curved backrest. An oval in classic style accommodates the books, decorative table lamp and a vase of beautiful flowers. Tribal fabrics are used as the backgrounds that protect the owner from the bright sunlight. This artistic and unique home with the ornaments designs and color palette for home represents the homeowner style that has a profession as an artist.

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