Glass Wall Design for Adorable Modern Pavilion Style

The adorable modern pavilion with the glass wall design can be a good option to obtain total relaxation. The lush green environment becomes the main attraction that is provided by this adorable home. Robert Gurney Architect has designed the Nevis Pool and Garden Pavilion. Located on the border of Washington DC, USA, this place has easy access to the capital. Surrounded by a green environment, this house has much oxygen supply and peace nuance. This environment can make the owner feel comfortable and enjoy the panorama. Designed for small size, this home looks fantastic.

The small size with a high chimney design makes this pavilion looks more captivating. The exposed stone wall exterior can be matched with the natural environment surrounding the home. The sloping roof is a design that makes this tiny home looks more impressive. This modern pavilion design has a stunning interior design that can cause the owner to feel comfortable. The glass wall design is applied by the architect to make the owner can enjoy the beautiful outside view freely. This glass wall design also makes this pavilion has enough natural sunlight supply.

The minimalist design is applied in this pavilion to get a more spacious room. The efficiency of using space becomes the key to getting comfort interior in the small space. This pavilion interior is designed with a wooden roof and exposed stone wall in the fireplace. The glass wall dominates this contemporary pavilion interior. The gray kitchen island also can be used as a dining table. The wooden bar stoles are placed beside the island to ease the owner enjoy the meal. The wood bar stoles design is paired with the island style.

Wooden Chairs and Cozy Fireplace

Wooden Chairs and Cozy Fireplace

This design is useful to get adequate space for the minimalist home. The architect has to create to use the room space. The fireplace is designed with an excellent design that is paired with the home interior. Two chairs in front of the fireplace are compatible to provide total comfort to the owner. The modern pavilion plans have a creative design of glass wall design that makes the interior look more wonderful.

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