Glass Wall Systems for Charming Home Interior Design

Envisioned by De Bever Architecten, the House IV has fantastic glass wall systems looking like a big showcase of the elegant minimalist interior. The translucency of the wall establishes an indoor and outdoor connection through the floor to ceiling glass. The single story family house architecture suits the need of simplicity in modern lifestyle. Lush green grass in the yard sustains the good looking exterior fixture. Transparent walls make the concrete ceiling floating and sheltering the clean interior design. The small outdoor pool is almost invisible for the calm water flatness aligning the ground outline.

Pool Blue Water and Screen Glass Showing the Living Room with Sofas

Pool Blue Water and Screen Glass Showing the Living Room with Sofas

Careful detail of the architectural style juxtaposes many kinds of materials to compose an excellent dwelling design. Gentle illumination adds more flawless beauty was glowing beneath the bold concrete construction. Through this house with glass wall systems, simple sitting room interior invites the sight to examine in amazement. Modest furniture and magnificent decoration perfectly exhibit the charm of contemporary creativity. The working room has a special chamber with the curvy wall. Smart glass installation grants a safe place to accomplish any job without any harm from outside.

A cluster of spectacular lamps becomes the focal point of the sitting space. A hard and robust nuance of the concrete wall is the best background for the furry sofa to offer seat with smooth comfort. By this lovely sitting furniture, sweeping the sight over glass wall catches the sense of refreshing verdant view. The transparency captures a big and old tree that seems to have plentiful wisdom.

The interior detail reveals the brilliant composition of concrete wall which shows beautiful grain texture to embellish the wall without any wallpaper naturally. It is a bit eerie to meet a grayscale painting with such strange woman face. However, another wonder of glass wall systems neglects the creepy painting, altering it with all astonishment of high interior design.

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