Pendant Lamp Design is Magnificent Design Hallway Interior

Plentiful creative ideas can make a wonderful and chic design interior for the hallway in your home with pendant lamp design. If you mind on refreshing and relaxing accent on the way part of the interior, the green feature is suggestive as the main fixture taste to set the nuance. Painting, decoration, floor, accessories, and furniture are special contributors to set one magnificent interior fixture. Let the green takes the control in exuding the tone, and beautifying with the clever completion, the small part of your living home can be the most inspirational spot to the sight and feeling.

Interior Used Crystal Chandelier Lighting and Glass Febce for Upper Floor

Interior Used Crystal Chandelier Lighting and Glass Febce for Upper Floor

Vintage in old olive green finishing, this all in one wall set furniture looks so good in a bench, cabinetry, and cup hanger collaboration. Warm pattern and color of the seat pad also promote the charming fixture harmony. Simple but straightforwardly strike the feeling in sweet refreshment, fully light green wall painting and pendant lamp design are the dominant eye-catching background in the hallway. Some pictures reduce the monotony of single color domination.  Wallpaper with soft pattern gives more variation for the interior design for the hall of this vintage home.

Feminine taste in the symmetrical fixture, more than one hue grants a nice collaboration to paint the wall as this slide of the interior backdrop. Gleaming pendant lamp magnifies the prettiness of this simplicity. Handwriting on the wall is an example of funky contemporary wall decor, green alters the blackboard function to make a copy of chalkboard wall.

Very light yellow hue becomes the warm mate of the solid green wall. Chic bouquet releases the beauty of colorful flowers cluster decorating the corner, aligning with mosaic on the vintage window. Chessboard pattern on wooden floor painting is brilliant grounding, instead of black and white, brown and green present’s remarkable feature underfoot. Real tile of green and white enriches the home interior design with the pendant lamp design for the hall of this classic tense room.

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