Glass Sliding Doors Interior for Superb Serenity House Architecture

Wooden surfaces with glass sliding doors interior are significant elements for serenity house in Phuket, Thailand. All the in interior design is elegant and radiant. The generous residence has designed by DBALP. It was called a three stories private home for a small family. The home offers spectacular panoramic of the sea view and the wonderful nature. It’s located on the sloping land of the mountain.

Bathroom with Hardwood Floor and White Ceiling

Bathroom with Hardwood Floor and White Ceiling

All the materials structure of this residence represent a natural texture such as the glass sliding doors interior. It means that the serenity house treatment has to be clear. From the entrance court, you have to walk through a large wooden door. In the end, you will find a narrow court. You can imagine how large and magnificent that superb dwelling, right? Arises fountain, waterfall, and fresh fishpond will welcome you kindly.

The house has four bedrooms with private bathroom, dining room, living room, kitchen, infinity pool and a big garage for three cars. Open living space is a prime concept for all the room. Each of room side is facing the sea view. You can relax in the lazy sofas in the open area near the living room. From this spot, feel the warm sunlight, the breeze and spoil your eyes with the beautiful world outside.

Just open the glass sliding doors interior, and look when the weather has changed. Enjoy your dining above the wood table dinner. Ensure that you eat position is directly seeing the landscape. Or move a little bit into the wood decks and touch the wind blows next to the poolside. The dining room is spacious enough for many peoples.

This shelter is more than enough to accommodate all the owner’s needed. The gorgeous home design is a perfect combination with attractive panoramic. The owner would never leave their residence even for a while. The result is a serenity house residential with the glass sliding doors interior featuring impressive experience ever.

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