Classic Flame Fireplace for Effective Passive Design Principles

Wasserfall Munting Architects has designed a private residence featuring passive design principles with a classic flame fireplace in Windhoek, Namibia. The house is surrounded by acacia trees and site on a steep hill. It’s like a tranquil oasis in the middle of tropical vegetation. They are designed next to an empty nest, and that was a challenge for the architects.

Wooden Table and the Animal Skin Rug

Wooden Table and the Animal Skin Rug

The only shelter is located in the highest part of the limited land. The passive design principles buildings with the classic flame fireplace are a site to face north orientation and excellent landscape through the Klein Windhoek Valley. A neat stone separates the house from the neighbor’s residence. Crafted mica stonewalls linked the natural space and the living space. All stone materials are used for the concrete fence panels. Framed steel panels have a function for security.

Stepping stones attempt to across the short grass in the yard. The front entrance is like a prison gate, and the guests will impress with the home design. Viewed from far, the house looks classic and old. It’s because of the home exterior isn’t colorful like a common residence. Gray hues cover the building as a warehouse. But don’t underestimate about the home, let’s see the home interior.

The double volume living space will receive the people who come with a modern classic flame fireplace. Three are two concepts of the dinner table. For some individuals who like an open atmosphere, they can get their dinner on the outside. If they didn’t, they still could enjoy the dish inside. A glass sliding door has separated the two parts kindly.

In the corner of this space, there is a kitchen in red accents. A reclaimed door has divided the kitchen with the living area. From the kitchen, the cooker still can see trees in the garden. The house was totally used and efficient materials and effective design. The green building design principles with the classic flame fireplace can keep the water heating and suitable shading device.

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