Windows Basic Concept for Sophisticated Natural Elements in Sleek Home

MA-style Architects design this stylish residence with windows basic concept and natural elements in a sophisticated concept. This Green Edge House is an ultramodern home employing fundamental themes as the home design theme. The natural look is brought into the home interior in rich design and look. White is the color of the exterior wall which looks like the monochromatic color applied in this home’s exterior. However, the small natural garden can be seen in the lower part of this house building. It looks like a hidden garden with a modern arrangement.

Windows Basic Concept - Evening with Soft Lighting Accentuating the Refreshing Green Outdoor Garden

An evening with Soft Lighting Accentuating the Refreshing Green Outdoor Garden

Windows Basic Concept

Natural elements structure is also employed in the home exterior concept. The exterior flooring is in natural pebbles. Tropical green living plants are planted in this garden with pebble flooring. The glass doors are installed behind this white wall. The sleek look is used as the doors and wind windows basic concept. Wooden elements are used as the frames for these windows and doors.

The home interior looks bright with a white color application. The wooden flooring in the interior space is also white. This fits well with the sleek concept applied in this interior design. Glass elements strengthen the airy and breezy look of this bright interior impression. The home interior and exterior space are well connected by simple sliding doors made from glass elements. Interior furniture in sleek design gives a clean look to this apartment design. The sleek cabinets and counters can give practical storage in this stylish interior.

The dining area and the kitchen are designed in a contemporary style. However, they look natural with the wooden flooring and get connected with the outdoors. A small table with a glass surface looks great in the middle of the room with green plants on it. The plants in green are also placed in the middle of white cabinets designed in a modern style. Natural elements impression with the windows basic concept always gives a fresh and rejuvenating accent in any kind of interior theme.

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The Modern Farmhouse style expertly mixes the love of clean, sleek lines and the enjoyment of natural elements creating the best of both worlds. Some Modern Farmhouse characteristics are: White exterior; Gray or black roof; Lots of windows; Metal, concrete, and granite elements; Sleek lighting; Hints of bright colors

An airy, white room is refreshing – like sleeping in a soft, gentle cloud. This particular design uses only four colors: white, black, green, and tan. While simple, this palette is all you need to create a sophisticated room with a natural feel. All of the white elements are kept soft and flowy, like the draped bedding and the gauzy window dressing.

The most important element of coastal decor is natural light. This design won’t work well in a dark or cave-like home. Homes with skylights, large windows, and sliding glass doors tend to let in enough illumination to make this style really resonate. These windows often feature minimal or no window treatments, so as not to interfere with the light.

Here’s a more sophisticated take on the tropical style. The home features a clean, sleek interior filled with natural materials such as sisal, marble, timber, and rattan.

The clean and smooth lines in the house help establish a somewhat comfortable atmosphere with lesser objects and more quality addition. The Natural Elements, one most important features of modern interior design is the concept of sustainability, which aims to employ more natural materials for the interior.

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