Outdoor Dining Room for Unique Modern House Style

Sometimes, looking for conventional ideas with an outdoor dining room for a modern house can get pretty mundane. People say that all the time. To reach a further step, one has to get out from the prevalent way. This modern two-story house in Australia has exceeded that step. Built on a sloping land, it was a challenge for March Studio architects to create a house design that stands horizontally while at the same time use the excessive space below as an extension of the house. The space below the house is used as an open garage, while the house is lifted by steel pillars. This is actually, in fact, the half of the house itself. The other half is located next to it on a flat land.

From the garage, a short staircase leads you to the backyard. The grass-covered backyard then leads into the terrace, which can also be used as an outdoor dining room. The entrance to this part of the modern house plans is made from glass, just like the small gap between the wall and the ceiling. The purpose of this design is to bring natural lighting into the house, considering that it only has a small but long window on the second story.

Interior Involving Living and Dining Room Combined with Library

The first thing that you will see after walking through the entrance is the open floor planned social rooms which comprised of the kitchen, dining room, and living room. The floor of the dining room and the living room is a bit elevated; giving you a wider view of the kitchen area. Along the wall of the living room and the dining room, a shelf where you can put small home decors is installed. This shelf is also sufficient for the creation of a mini library.

The length of the room itself gives you the freedom to choose what kind of furniture you want to have; whether it is a long couch set or a couch bed that can be folded compactly. The color and material combination in this unique house plans which apply the outdoor dining room between the color of the wooden floor and ceiling, the white walls, and the silver kitchen provides a fresh atmosphere in the room.

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