Leather Lounge Chair in Inviting London Home Design

This London home design with leather lounge chair may attract your attention through its captivating interior decor. Yup, the JJ Locations is indeed designed with interesting plan idea by applying the suspended bed divan in the living room. If you have a small flat for your living space, then this room decor can be the best picture to realize by you.

Basically, the living hall in this residence is ornamented with minimalist room decor by displaying the sleek wooden cabinet with knob and the elegant swivel chair in red maroon tone. Meanwhile, the leather lounge chair with footboard is deliberately arranged close to the cabinet as the place for the owner to read his or her favorite book or just laying down. The concrete stairways with white steps of this London home interior design are managed right beside the hanging bed to ease the habitat to reach the bed.

This room then completed with dark brown sectional sofa and furnished with the assorted color of throw pillows. Step to the next room, you will find the dining area. This spot is decorated with blonde rectangle wooden dining table and woodsy chairs with a solid black pad. The architect tries to minimize the space using by arranging the shoe racks close to the large white cabinet.

BedroomAbove It Stylish Home Add with Vertical Staircase

By the way, this dwelling home is also attached to the greenhouse type since it is applied the open roof design to allow the sunlight to illuminate the room inside directly, especially in the day. This means that the owner does not have to turn on the light all the time. Surprisingly, while you look at the suspended bed, you can see other stairs with black steel accent. It will connect you to the rooftop space. This luxury home interior design London which is furnished with leather lounge chair really gives you the best moment in life.

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