Innovative Chair Design Presenting Stylish Enclosed Reading Lamp

Glen Lewis-Steele introduces the Lambent Chair, a smart, innovative chair design presenting an attached reading lamp. Barely, it is just an odd two-legged wooden chair in very plain design. However, style uniqueness exudes the brilliant idea that reveals double function as seat and lighting. LED lamp is the electrical lighting source with a gentle and safe illumination to be combined with this sitting furniture. The natural bending stick lids a childish imagination of a giraffe that calmly shines a bright lighting. Stability comes from the dangling rope which has hard material to sustain the weight.

Excellent wooden work creates a smooth touch on the chair appearance. Natural wooden grain makes the original pattern show an elegant seat style in modesty. Blue is chosen to grant a nice head. White rope aligns with the pale character of bare ligneous chair body. On an uneven or even ground, this multifunction and innovative chair design still, stand gracefully offering the comfort and effectiveness. A minimalist sense of the design makes this model easily fit with many surrounding fixtures.

Instead of using the floor lamp to read, this chair grants a marvelous focus light to help the site activity. It is also portable to be set as long as there is electricity to support the lighting source. Even when it is a summer holiday, bringing this chair to the beach does not give any problematic matter. Standing on sandy land is fine.

Exterior Area Taupe Colored and Planters and Sea Added Nice Panoramas

Exterior Area Taupe Colored and Planters and Sea Added Nice Panoramas

The size suits any human body of small or big since it is not in overweight. The practical bending neck is the ultimate point to contribute in focusing the light. Modular steps are also available to guide this seat installation. Simple materials let the mind capture the model straightforwardly. As the result of the innovative craft, it is possible to include this sitting furniture as the innovative chair design with multiple functions.

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