Side Table Lamps Modern for Glamorous Romantic Bedroom Concept

Nothing is a better idea than creating romantic bedroom design with side table lamps modern as a decorative ornament for newlyweds. This means to decorate the room with lovely nuance and warm atmosphere built for couples. Even though red shades are normal tone used, actually yellow can do a great job as well. In this case, paint all surfaces in yellow tone, whereas wooden bedding and touch of red blanket balance all aspects. Background wall is decorated with dried flowers and two side lamps above. And for side desks, bright lamps are placed on top of it.

Traditional Bedroom Using Romantic Bedroom with Tufted Ottomans

Traditional Bedroom Using Romantic Bedroom with Tufted Ottomans

Aside from certain color that is frequently used for a wedding theme, draperies design also plays a significant influence. This way, somehow newlyweds or couples get an idea of old romantic bedrooms. The accent wall is made in the background area of brown lacey wallpaper. Drapes are hung to cover the window, and even to decorate the lower side of bedding itself. Classic chandelier boosts up the classy ambiance, whereas side table lamps modern are great to add warm atmosphere.

As mentioned before, the red color is the most common color used to decorate wedding theme for couples. Usually, designers will balance this tone with white nuance. For example, bedding area is chosen in white theme, whereas red bench is added at the foot of the chair. Four-bed steads with white valance add a romantic side to this bedroom. The comfy zone is also perfectly made by having those plush sofas around the corner with white and red pillows.

Red is often tailored to the sexy concept and loving without further words. Try red paint color on walls with white tone for ceiling and its molding area. Metal bedstead has four mini pillars to hang red silk valance. The bed has a white theme then, and two rounded ottomans at the foot of the bed are used to put liquors. An idea of romantic bedrooms with the side table lamps modern and candles can be brought up by placing those candles on table set spot.

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