Central Courtyard Architecture with Friendly Tree House Design

Who says that a tree house design with central courtyard architecture is always located in the forest? You still can make your tree residence even the location is in the small city. Taller Estilo Arquitectura has designed a simple house in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. The design has a purpose of creating a shelter for a beautiful environment. It respects the natural atmosphere and makes the building more essential.

White Quilt and Wide Mattress near the Round Blue Pool outside

White Quilt and Wide Mattress near the Round Blue Pool outside

The simple tree house design started from the will to maximize the environment such as by applying the central courtyard architecture. The architects made a new space without bothering the old home. The new space was optimized the existing structure and reorganizing the area. Natural ventilation will allow the lights and the winds easily for each space. The main key was to make a comfortable living around the greenery. What a refreshing!

The new unit was added to the existing building and the big tree. It was divided into two outlying areas which are a central courtyard and a spacious backyard. The tree grows near the circular pool. Both of green fields surround all the room of the house to closer with the outside. It feels like living outside but with still get the comfort of the interior inside.

Sliding glass walls entirely give a secure contact with the yard. The new second floor has a master bedroom with a fabulous view of the branches of the big tree below. The chapters seem like floating in the air and suddenly appear without permission. The wood decks outside the room are the beautiful place to feel the breeze.

All exterior walls are used polished cement with a traditional touch. Mosaic cement floors are utilized in the living room. The house was so interesting because it can accommodate modern life and the natural environment. It was called a friendly modern tree house design with the central courtyard architecture for contemporary and respectful design.

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