Wine Barrel Decor for Elegant Home Interior Design

You may not consider the use of barrels as stylish decor elements to adorn your home interior with the wine barrel decor. In fact, they are very versatile and can be utilized for lots of exciting projects to embellish your home decoration. Here we present you some of the great examples that showcase the charm of barrels. You can express your creativity to personalize your barrel as a decorative element.

Dark Taupe Colored Fruits Porcalains Glass Showed at the Garden Area

Dark Taupe Colored Fruits Porcelains Glass Showed at the Garden Area

If you want to decorate your home with the casual look, maybe you would like this pleasant wine barrel decor. Here is the oval kitchen island with glossy marble countertop. The table is supported by two barrels as the base with a wooden element at its front side. Each of the barrels supports the top of the table. Their appearance gives style to the interior decoration. The idea can also be implied in a rural home or workshop for the interior design.

A similar approach will incorporate barrel with your furniture layout. You need two barrels as the table legs that support a thin and lengthy wooden board. The classic touch is enhanced by the polished finishing on the surface of a wooden board that serves as the table. The table can be used as a space to display the delight beverages.

You can use a barrel to create two pieces of different nightstands or table with two sides. Make sure that you cut the barrel in a straight line.  You can also utilize the top part of two single barrels. Put them on tables in your reading corner, living room or other rooms in your home.

You can conjure the single barrel into an idyllic mini garden. You have to cut a barrel in a certain way to create three different levels. You can use wood planks to create a shape to the levels to separate each space that serves as pot. Place your mini garden of wine barrel decor in your main entrance, front yard, backyard, or balcony.

Other Collections of Wine Barrel Decor for Elegant Home Interior Design

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