Smooth Back Sofa for Pretty Narrow House Design Idea

The project of Rolf Ockert Design is marveling 46 North Avenue to be a fabulous narrow house design with smooth back sofa and pure prettiness of various blending vibrant colors. A long but narrow lot is not the limit for creative ideas expanding the brilliant design to offer contemporary comfort. The wide open door allows the abundant gentle breeze to fill in the sitting room and exhibits the grandeur of draperies which present the beauty of new vigorous patterns and colors. Modest and warm interior design also contributes in defining this elegant residence.

Wooden Dining Table Colorful Chairs and Magenta Fur Rug Accomplish

Wooden Dining Table Colorful Chairs and Magenta Fur Rug Accomplish

The exterior also has fabulous narrow house design ideas playing with little geometrical wall and ventilation feature. Cheerful colors seem to snoop out by the soft glowing illumination, creating beautiful and attractive color effect. Back to the contemporary palace realm, outdoor sitting space becomes a sweet snacking spot. Ugly furniture such as the smooth back sofa grants certain coziness in savoring coffee and a light snack. The mineral pattern of the floor embosses the genetic influence clashing with the other artificial beauty.

Lounging on an excellent day under the big tree is a perfect moment to be spent on this twin bench and beautiful cuttable. The neat garden arrangement offers tranquility and peaceful nuance. If the weather is not friendly to stay outside, the indoor sitting space will always welcome to provide vivid wellbeing. Flowery decors and pillows celebrate a positive energy to fill the blank white sheet. Smooth back sofa gives all smoothness to watch the TV show.

The Whitewall is the best feature to enlarge the small width. The plentiful cheery pattern in colorful designs breaks the monotony of white background. Cute decors also lend the loveliness to entertain the sight with simple, artful creativity styles. The richness of colors and patterns hide the minimalist bedroom design. Moving out to the facade, it is the most prominent part of the long narrow house design ideas with the smooth back sofa flaunting gorgeous vintage exterior design.

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