Wood Decking Base for Impressive Beach House Design

To live in the beach house design which applies the wood decking base is exciting because we can see the beach scenery every time we want. Beach also has a relaxing atmosphere where we can enjoy the breeze in good weather. Playing on the beach is such fun activity to do with friends or family. In Queensland, Australia, there is awesome beach residence decorate in the concept of modernity. From this house, we can see the breathtaking sea landscape. At the other side of the house, there is also green yard filled with many of vegetation.

Beach Lounge Spwith Brown Seat on Wooden Bench on Floor at the Poolside Area

Beach Lounge Sopwith Brown Seat on Wooden Bench on Floor at the Poolside Area

As we walk inside this beach house design Australia created by Aboda Design Group, we find the roofed swimming pool built among the brown wood decking base. In this leisure area, we have the continuous sea view which is very refreshing. This can make our body and mind become relax. The pool is located near the room with open plan design. The room also has light brown flooring decoration whereas if the wall is painted in the white color scheme. Retractable door constructs one side of the wall. It can be opened or closed as necessary.

Interior is designed in contemporary concept. Furniture is chosen to be in the similar color schemes as the basic room decoration. From the inside of the house, residents will be able to see the outdoor panorama without any visual barriers. It is because the wide glass windows without any frames are built to connect the room with house environment. This can be our inspiration in designing the house.

If we see the kitchen, this cooking space has elegant and decoration dominated in white color schemes. The counter top is made of the white marble combined with the glossy cabinets. Over the kitchen island, there are some pendant lamps in black features. Some stools are placed next to the bar to make the kitchen more sociable. Some walls of this beach home design Australia which applies the wood decking base are designed in original gray concrete in artful concept.

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